Indonesian Edition-SM800 PRO SingMasters Dual Wireless Microphones Wi-Fi,YouTube Karaoke System Machine,4666 Indonesian Songs

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SingMasters SM-800 PRO Indonesian Edition is the latest Next Generation portable Karaoke Multimedia system with exclusive features like builtin Wi-Fi,YouTube Karaoke streaming,Downloads/Playback, Live Scoring, Easy Recording and many more. It comes with 2 wireless mics paired with the unit and a 32GB SD card boasting the largest ever collection of 4666 Indonesian & 13561 English songs.

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Introducing our latest karaoke model, the SM-800 PRO with all new features such as YouTube Karaoke Streaming  with Wi-Fi connection functionality, get yours now for endless entertainment!

With its intuitive user interface and simple design, singers can easily customize melody, tune, echo, tempo and other functions for the best singing experience and performance. Choosing and controlling the song  is also available through the SingMasters App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

It gives you a new sense about Karaoke Player! It’s recordable your singing and could be share to your friends on line!
It’s high fidelity of the songs and brings more praise from others about your true talents! It’s wireless and quite convenient!
A dynamic real time scoring function.

What’s New in “SM-800 PRO”

  1. SD Card of 32GB
  2. 3D full color UI
  3. Wi-FI connection
  4. YouTube karaoke streaming,download,playback
  5. Mobile Intelligent operations APP “SingMasters Cookara”
  6. Selecting songs on phone app
  7. Record your song Reliving the memories of your beautiful moments
  8. You can share your sound with your friends, or social networks like Facebook, Wechat, Youtube etc…
  9. 2.4G Digital wireless technology to keep your original sounds Delay Cut Down (DCD) technology let the sound delay shortly Best sound effects
  10. Recording your sound and play back in real time
  11. iFun scoring system to help you sing correctly and show your skill
  12. Share your songs with friends, and let’s get happy together

2.4 GHZ Powerful Wireless Microphone
2.4G Digital wireless technology to keep your original sounds Delay Cut Down (DCD) technology let the sound delay shortly Best sound effects( With Patent) to polish your sounds and makes you to be a real star

iFUN is a Smart scoring system which offers a pitch control on each lyric to bleed into the rhythm.
When you singing, the pitch control will matching the songs rhythm and tune and shows color change.
When it’s matched perfectly, It shows some gorgeous stars in the screen, Your Singing talent is to be shown at a glance!

  1. Color changes of the Pitch line:When you singing correct, the pitch control bar will turned into green from blue, If your singing not perfect, the color of the bar will turned into red.
  2. Open/Close iFUN:If you want a clear screen without pitch lines, just turn it off by remote control.

Selecting Songs
More ways to select songs by:

  1. Song’s name
  2. Song’s number
  3. Singer’s name
  4. My favorite folder list

Selecting songs on phone app: Cookara app  makes it intelligent within all-in-one searching window
Get more songs From internet:It’s convenient for user to get more songs from YouTube and enjoy themselves.

Recording:Record your song Reliving the memories of your beautiful moments
Share:Share your songs with friends, and let’s get happy together.
How to competition:Enter into PK mode when song starts playing,
The TV screen will shows two windows with two scoring system, Your friend and You can singing at the same time with the two mikes, and each has a smart scoring system and shows the correct scores according the pitch algorithm, Competition brings much Fun for the singing.

What’s SingMasters Cookara App
Connect to whole world:An APP specially designed for our karaoke Player.
Operate on phone screen :Without Remote you can also operating the karaoke player.
Select your Favorite:Cookara can give you a synchronous song list. And you can build your own favorite list.
Record what you singing:When you finish record your song, It can be sent back to your Phone
Show your talent with your friends:You can share your sound with your friends, or social networks like Facebook, Wechat, Youtube etc…


All purchases made through website or dealers contain 1 year full warranty. 

Song Library

Sr. No.
LanguageNo of Songs
2English 13561
3YouTube Unlimited

*We recommend the use of a dedicated sound system, as opposed to just your TV speakers. This is to improve the sound reproduction as your TV speakers are quite small and not really designed for karaoke use. Should you use just your TV you may receive a voice delay through the microphones, this is a limitation of modern TV which has digital processing for audio. You can alternatively use,a Home Theatre System, Dedicated Amplifier & Speakers or a Powered Speaker.  Sound Bars are not recommended as they are similiar to TV speaker.

SingMasters Karaoke Unboxing Video:

SingMasters SM-800 PRO User Interface Demo Video:

SingMasters English Karaoke Demo Video:

Product colorBlack
Product Dimension151mm×115mm×24mm(Control Box)
Product weight164g(Receiver)
Frequency Range2400-2483MHz
Output resolution1280×720,720×480(NTSC),
Song quantityMaximum 20000pcs, Record 50pcs, Reservation 100pcs,Favorite 300pcs,
My download 1000pcs.
Background pictures quantityBuilt-in 50pcs,User 100pcs
Input methodMicrophone/Remoter control
Multimedia CardSD Card/ Maximum 64GB
Data interfaceMicro USB
A/V Socket3.5mm
External Mic socket3.5mm
Multimediavideo display/MP3 playback/
Audio formatWAV/MP3/OGG/WMA/AAC



  • Dimensions: 155mm*65mm*175mm
  • Frequency Range: 2400-2483MHZ
  • Using Channel: 16ch
  • TV Channel: CVBS/HDMI
  • Sound Output: HDMI/Composite/AV/Auxiliary
  • Weight: 250g
  • Voltage: 9.0V (1500A)
  • Wattage: 1.8W
  • Resolution:1280X720 HD
  • Image color: Index 256 color
  • Operation Temperature 0-500
  • Power Supply: 100-250 v AC 50Hz


  • Frequency Range: 2400-2483MHZ
  • Using Channel: 16ch
  • RF Output Power: 10dBm
  • Power Requirement: 300mW
  • Weight: 131 g
  • Dimensions: 41mm x 41 mm x 273 mm


Color:   Black
Product Size:  175*120*35mm
Product Weight: 308gm
Video Output: HDMI/AV
Output Resolution: 1280×720,70×576(PAL)
Language Support: English
Data Interface: Micro USB
Multimedia Card: Micro SD Card (Maximum 64GB)
AV Interface: 3.5mm
External MIC Interface: 6.35mm
Using Channel: 15ch
TV Channel: Video Channel
Image Color: 32bit True Color
Operation Temperature: 0-40 C
Storage(ROM): Internal:8GB
Frequency Range: 2400-2483 MHz
Power Supply: 100-240V AC 50Hz
Voltage: 9.0V(+-0.3V)
Net Weight: 2.88KG
Gross Weight: 3.75KG


Frequency Range: 2400-2486MHz
Using Channel: 15ch
RF Output Power: 10dBm
Dimention:  50*50*238mm
Weight:170 gm
Power Requirement: 390mw

Package contents:

  •          SingMasters SM-800 PRO unit
  •          Two wireless mics
  •          Wireless mic stand
  •          32GB TF Song card with
  •          Remote Control
  •          HDMI and A/V cables
  •          Power Adapter and Cable
  •          Mobile App for IOS & Android
  •          User Guide
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