SingMasters International has launched SingMasters SM-500 Hindi edtion worldwide.

This is the Hindi Edition Portable Karaoke System from SingMasters,the latest Next Generation portable Karaoke Multimedia system with exclusive features like Web Downloads Playback, Live Scoring, Easy Recording and many more. It comes with 2 wireless mics paired with the unit and a 16GB SD card boasting the largest ever collection of Nepali,Hindi and English songs.

It has 3500+ Hindi songs,Plus 13,000 English songs.

The SingMasters SM500 is an ultra-compact Digital Karaoke System which plays all its songs from a
removable SD Card (max 32GB capacity) which is inserted on the side of the unit.
It comes with a full function remote control and 2 wireless microphones for your singing
enjoyment. It also has a fully featured MP3+G Karaoke playback interface that lets you play,
record (your performance), change the key & tempo, add echo to the microphones and also
supports Multiplex (MPX) songs in both MP3+G and MP4/AVI formats so you can switch on and off
the cover vocalist as needed.

The SingMasters runs from a single SD Card with a maximum 32GB capacity, but it has the amazing ability to play pretty much any video format you want, it’s truly an open system, playing of course MP3+G songs but all of these: MKV, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV, FLV, RM and VOB. 

This means you can load any type of karaoke songs you want, even your own language, as long as it’s in one of the above formats.

The SingMasters even creates a song book of all your MP3+G songs, which you can then print out,
enabling you to quickly play back any song.
It is also MP4 HD Karaoke song compatible , plus and this is a big plus it is also
compatible with all these other video formats; AVI, MKV, MPG, WMV, MOV, FLV, RM and VOB.
This truly means that you can essentially load anything on to this Karaoke Systems SD Card and
play it back.The SingMasters supports both the standard red/white/yellow RCA connectors as well as HDMI

If you've seen and like the Magic Sing Karaoke System then you are going to love the SingMasters as this is the next step up, the very latest!

Its smaller and more flexible as you can configure this system to play just about anything video format from the SD Card slot. (MP3+G / MKV / MP4 / AVI / MPG / WMV / MOV/ FLV / RM / VOB)

No other system gives you this level of flexibility and that means you are not locked in to one specific format. 

Compatible with Video Karaoke from YouTube

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