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Now sing your favorite songs with SingMasters Karaoke systems. The karaoke we provide you comes with a comprehensive collection of many songs which will cater to all your singing needs. You can have friends come over to your place and all of you can have a fun time singing and dancing to the tunes of your favorite songs. The lyrics of each song will also be displayed on the television screen so that you don’t miss out any line while singing with your buddies.

SingMasters Internaional is a leader in the manufacture of top quality karaoke systems in the world. We offer a wide variety of karaoke systems to all our customers, these systems have excellent sound quality and are a delight for people who like singing and dancing with their loved ones.

Our karaoke system comes with a song bank which includes over 50,000+ songs that have already been loaded in the system. These songs vary in genre and cater to different tastes of different people. The songs loaded in the system include the most popular songs from 25 various languages like English,Hindi,Nepali,Regional Indian , Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi ,Malayalam ,Tamil ,Telugu ,Urdu ,Pakistani ,Kannada ,Gujarati ,Konkani ,Philippines ,Chinese ,Indonesian,Thai ,French ,Vietnamese ,Japanese,Spanish,Russian,Korean,Portuguese,Italian,German and lot more..

With such a wide variety of languages on offer, people from all over the world can enjoy the songs that come with a SingMasters Karaoke system. SingMasters International which is based in Sydney,AustraliaVadodara and has facilities for trouble shooting, enquiries, service and after sales.

Karaoke is a form of entertainment wherein a machine plays the music of popular songs so that people can sing the song themselves. The tracks provided by Persang Entertainment Pvt Ltd have excellent sound quality and high performance which has helped the company in establishing its footprint in the Indian subcontinent.

SingMasters Karaoke has revolutionized the singing industry so that everyone can give a voice to the singer inside them. The karaoke systems provided by SingMasters International lets you show the whole world your ability to sing and helps you in fulfilling the desire of being a singer albeit at your home.

Karaoke is a combination of two Japanese words, ‘kara’ empty and okesutora ‘orchestra’, which is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with the help of recorded music (and/or a music video) using a microphone and a public address system.

The music is typically a well- known pop song minus the lead vocal so that the person can sing the lyrics with the soundtrack playing in the background.

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